The Guerrilla Street Food story starts with our food truck. When our truck hit the streets of St. Louis in 2011, we were one of the first on the road. Now, we’re proud to have been a pioneer for St. Louis’s vibrant food truck community.

Our food truck had humble beginnings. Once a bright orange laundry van, we lovingly dubbed it the Aluminum Falcon after our obsession with Star Wars and the fact that most of the truck’s body is aluminum. We built the truck ourselves, piece by piece. First, we joined forces with Brian’s brother, Greg Hardesty, a veteran designer. Greg recreated the truck we bought digitally in 3D.

Next, we took those previsualizations and made them reality. We called in favors from friends of ours with expertise in plumbing, electricity, etc. After getting our truck wrapped in vinyl from Schneider Graphics, our truck was complete and we hit the streets of St. Louis. Everyday introducing more and more people to our unique interpretations of Filipino food. Slowly gaining momentum in those first few months, our rise to the top of the food truck scene was featured on the Food Network’s show “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” with host, Guy Fieri in June of 2012.

We launched with only 3-4 dishes, but now serve a menu of 10-12 dishes with rotating specials to over 50,000 St. Louisans a year. Want the Guerrilla Street Food truck to pull up to your next private event? Request a service!

“The best filipino food in St. Louis, or possibly the entire midwest.”

C Skrzypek

“Guerrilla Street Food is magically delicious!”

STL Brewers Guild

“You're content to wait for trucks bearing tacos, pizza, or whatever to park near you, Guerrilla Street Food you hunt down.”

Riverfront Times

“There’s nothing on the menu here that I don’t like.”

Matt Sorrell

“This food reminds me of home and my childhood.”

Jordan Andino

“It's unlike anything else in St. Louis.”

Jamie Kilgore
St. Louis Magazine A-List Awards 2017. “Best Apropos Item” 800 lb. Guerrilla