#25 Guerrilla Street Food, St. Louis

The rotating menu of dishes at Guerrilla Street Food might require a little explanation to those who are less than familiar with Filipino cuisine, but you don’t need a passport to order Guerrilla’s signature dish, the Flying Pig. It’s slow-roasted pork set on jasmine rice, topped with egg, and accented by calamansi tartness and sriracha heat. Don’t miss the Filipino blue crab ceviche, with crab, chiles, black sesame, cilantro, palm sugar, and atchara (unripe papaya pickle), served over sliced watermelon, either. “You’re content to wait for trucks bearing tacos, pizza, or whatever to park near you,” the Riverfront Times noted. “[but] Guerrilla Street Food, you hunt down.”


Credit: The Dailymeal.com

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