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Brian Hardesty and Joel Crespo

Guerrilla Street Food is an independently owned Food Truck and Professional Catering Service founded by Joel Crespo, entrepreneur and food enthusiast, and Brian Hardesty, 17+ year veteran chef who has cooked both in St. Louis (at such places as Harvest, Monarch and most recently, Executive Chef at Terrene Restaurant) as well as across the country.  Our food truck serves Filipino-inspired cuisine with a focus on local, seasonal and fresh ingredients. We have a rotating menu of dishes that feature a mixture of both traditional Filipino food as well as original creations using Filipino flavors and ingredients.  We hand make everything from scratch, fresh daily  with the mission statement of making street food with the same level of thoughtfulness and skill as any fine dining establishment and still be accessible and most importantly affordable to any hungry patron, regardless of demographic or socio-economic background.

Joel’s Filipino background served as inspiration for the style of cuisine, and successfully fulfills an otherwise unfulfilled niche in St. Louis’ local food scene, while Brian’s culinary creativity reimagines dishes to be both appropriate for curbside consumption as well as sound, smell, look and taste indubitably enticing to the uninitiated. They chose the name “Guerrilla Street Food” to convey both the idea of revolution… a revolution on how people perceive street food, as well as their basic strategy of their food truck’s tactics –

“A small, mobile force competing against a larger, more unwieldy one. The guerrilla focuses on organizing in small units, depending on the support of the local population, as well as taking advantage of terrain more accommodating of small units.” (from Wikipedia’s entry Guerrilla Warfare)

Guerrilla Street Food was voted “Best Food Truck in St. Louis” in the Riverfront TImes.

(September 2012).